The Country Music Unknown Legends Podcast

Nashville Skyline Music launched the new podcast series this week, ‘The Country Music Unknown Legends Podcast’. The podcast is hosted by John Mathis Jr and will highlight the careers of Country Music artists and musicians from the late 40’s and 50’s.

Each episode will feature a performer who had record deals, songs on the radio, performed on stages like the Louisiana Hayride or even the Grand Ole Opry, all with notable achievements but for whatever reason didn’t quite reach stardom.

Many of these performers have been all but forgotten by popular culture today. But they were there, during the formative years of Country Music. They may have been on the same shows and radio programs with Hank Williams, Webb Pierce, Jim Reeves, George Jones, Johnny Horton, Elvis Presley or Johnny Cash.

While their music peers became stars, their 15 minutes of fame was short-lived. The podcast will pay tribute to these “unknown legends” of Country Music.

Available on Apple, Spotify, Amazon, iHeart or your favorite podcast platform.

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